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Coping with using a Care Home


Coping with using a care home for a loved one is always a tough decision but it’s been an especially challenging year for families who have had loved ones and relatives in care homes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Care home residents were unable to have visitors for many months during the height of the pandemic, and even now, there are restrictions on the number of visitors, when visits are allowed, and so much more.

These restrictions have been very hard for both people in care homes and for their friends and family who have been unable to visit them. Many care home residents have become lonely and isolated from their loved ones, and it has been emotionally challenging for everyone concerned.

Live-in Care can be a far better option for many families. Live-in Care means that a caregiver moves into the person’s home to provide care around the clock, whenever required. Live-in Care professionals are fully trained and highly experienced to provide the highest level of care.

If a person requiring care is part of a couple, having one half of the couple move into a care home can be highly detrimental to both parties. They are not used to being separated, and so it can be difficult both mentally and emotionally on both of them. The problem with separation also occurs if the person requiring care lives with extended family, as being separated from them will have adverse effects on everyone involved.

When families choose Live-in Care for their loved ones, the person requiring care doesn’t have to leave their home. Moving into a care home can be incredibly stressful as people feel comfortable and safe in their own homes and own environment and simply cannot cope with significant change. Having a carer move in allows them to stay in their own cherished home and makes a massive difference in mental health, comfort, and happiness levels.

Another benefit of Live-in Care from Care 1st, compared with care homes, is that we choose and specifically select the live-in carers we provide to fit into the lives of the person they’re caring for. They will seamlessly mould to their client’s lifestyle and needs so that the client remains happy, contented, confident, and supported in their own home without having to move into residential or nursing care.

Live-in Care also allows the person who requires care to have more independence than they would in a care home. Having more freedom can help with mental health and physical health too. They can go to bed when they want, eat when they want, enjoy games or reading when they want. There are no schedules they have to follow.

All you need to enable a live-in carer to move in with your loved one is a spare bedroom. At Care 1st, we provide Live-in Care across the South West, in Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire and the surrounding areas. If you’d like to learn more about Live-in Care as an alternative to coping with using a care home then give us a call today on 0117 968 4809.