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How is live-in care different?  

Moving into a new environment at the best of times can be seriously stressful. For a younger adult with complex needs, mental health or learning disabilities, or your elderly loved one, it can be a daunting experience realising that their only option is to have to move into a residential care or nursing home.

How is live-in care different?

For them, the thought of fitting into someone else’s set routines, such as set bedtimes, shower and meal times, can add huge pressure into a family situation and cause unnecessary strain to you and your loved one. However, live-in care is a very viable and popular option, many thousands of families are now turning to live-in care rather than moving out of the home that they know and love.

Live-in care is different, having a live-in carer come to stay in your own home, means that you get to keep to your chosen daily routines, furry pets can stay at home too - and friends and family can visit as and when they please. All your live-in carer needs is a spare room - they’ll then fit in seamlessly to your loved ones' daily routine, rather than your loved one having to fit into someone else’s - it’s a win-win situation. For your loved one, life remains largely unchanged, they just have someone new to support them on a round-the-clock basis, and a companion to share things with.

How is live-in care different?

In simple terms live-in care is different because:

  • We design a care plan tailored to suit your loved ones' needs, without strict timetables or rigid, set routines
  • Our live-in carers will come and live with you in the comfort of your own home and get to know you as a person, your like, dislikes and needs
  • There is minimal disruption and upheaval - there’s no need to move out of the home you know and love to receive live-in care
  • Studies show that there is a huge improvement to well-being and your general health
  • It’s a more economical option in the long run compared with nursing homes – especially for couples who are able to stay together
  • You get to remain in control of your life, daily routine with all of the comforts of home, including your pets and visits from your friends and family as and when you choose

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