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What do live-in carers do?

A live-in carer, is often described as a companion, a friend and a 24/7 source of support. A round-the-clock carer is someone that has been vetted and DBS checked, fully-trained, and chosen for their trustworthiness, honesty, compassion and personality as well as their experience.

A live-in carers role is to support you or your loved one on a daily basis, to provide live-in care at home to ensure their continued wellbeing and provide your peace of mind and reassurance that there is someone on hand who can respond with compassion, quickly and appropriately if an emergency arises.

A live-in carer can provide constant companionship

One of the biggest worries and concerns that medical practitioners currently have is the increase in loneliness in those that are vulnerable in our society. Research suggests that the elderly or the physically disabled are more prone to developing stress related conditions such as anxiety and depression. A live-in carer can support your loved one by providing the constant companionship needed to help alleviate the symptoms commonly associated with poor mental health. Our live-in carers can be on hand to sit and chat, to help alleviate any worries and concerns. One of the most fundamental roles that a live-in carer can provide is simply offering companionship – being on hand to offer support, and listen to your loved one’s concerns or simply to reminisce about their childhood, work life and experiences over a cup of tea and a biscuit. Sharing quality time together is proven to immensely reduce the effects of loneliness and improve the quality of life immeasurably.

Selecting a live-in carer that matches your loved one’s emotional, physical, medical and wellbeing needs is vital, and we place a huge amount of importance on this. A live-in carer will be on hand for the daily chores, such as helping your loved one to get up, take a bath and get dressed, as well as making meals, popping to the shops, walking the dog and providing help with the cleaning, washing and ironing – all valuable daily necessities. Your live-in carer will be selected with the experience to match any medical or physical needs that your loved one has whether that’s Dementia, Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, dyspraxia, stroke, muscular dystrophy or degenerative conditions too, so that you can have the peace of mind that you are in safe and qualified hands.

Providing the highest quality care and support

But, a live-in carer is so much more than a domestic support. Regardless of your loved one’s condition; whether they love a daily dose of Coronation Street over a cuppa, a visit to the local ‘knit and natter’ club, pottering in the garden or watching the cricket on TV, we’ll work alongside you to ensure that your live-in carer is selected with similar interests. Our aim is to ensure that you and your family receive the highest quality care from a companion that you can fully enjoy your time with, and that they are someone you can trust in an emergency with the most valuable person in your life.

Regardless of your ailments, physical, medical or emotional needs – having a live-in carer on hand day and night means that you can remain at home, in the place that you love, with your dignity intact and routines that make you comfortable. A live-in carer provides comfort and companionship for you, and peace of mind for your family and those that you love.

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