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Mental Health & Learning Disabilities

Supporting you through person centred care.

At Care 1st we strongly believe that anyone living with a mental health, learning or physical disability should have the same right to care, support, good health and wellbeing as every other member of our society. That’s where we come in, we provide tailored, person centred care at home. 

Every condition is different, so whether you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health issue, have a learning disability or live with a physical disability our aim is to help you live well and independently in the home and community that you know and love. 

Here at Care 1st, we are able to work alongside families, GP’s, social workers, community teams and outreach workers, to put together tailored support plans to provide you or your loved one with the support framework to ensure that you can live well. Support can be provided day-to-day via a visiting support worker, or alternatively we can offer a live-in carer who will be able to support you and your family around the clock. 

It has been well reported that there is an intrinsic relationship between physical and mental health, a report published by the *Kings Fund in 2016 suggested that there are high rates of mental health conditions among people with long-term physical health problems, and that there is also a reduced life expectancy among people with the most severe forms of mental illness, largely attributable to their poor physical health. 

We recognise the challenges that come with living with mental illness, a physical or learning disability – each condition is unique and brings its own challenges, but with a fully trained, compassionate, kind support worker or carer it’s more than possible for you to live independently, and overcome many of the issues linked with mental illness or poor physical health. 

We take both the physical and emotional wellbeing of the customers that we support incredibly seriously, our goal is to ensure that we provide the support framework around the individual to give them the confidence boost and feeling of self worth, to enjoy life living independently. 

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What support services do we offer?

Through our visiting home care, live-in and respite services we can provide: 

  • Personal care
  • Day to day support at home, cleaning, hoovering and dusting
  • Help with washing & ironing
  • Help & assistance with paperwork and paying bills
  • Support at work or college
  • Assistance getting out and about to community events, groups or to see friends 
  • Companionship 
  • Help getting to and from appointments
  • Assistance taking or reminding to take medication
  • Support with physical exercise  

What conditions can we help to provide support for?

We recognise that mental health disorders, learning difficulties and physical disabilities can all have an impact on your loved ones mood, thinking ability and at times their behaviour. At Care 1st our care managers work alongside you as a family to put in place a care plan which outlines your loved ones wishes, physical and mental health needs. We then carefully match a carer or support worker who will suit their personality, hobbies and interests so that a bond and connection can be easily formed. 

We understand that at times your loved one may become frustrated, angry or upset, our carers are handpicked for their calm nature, patience and compassion so that even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances any potential difficult situations can be easily diffused. As we’re not an introductory agency, our service is fully managed meaning that you have constant support when you need it most – we are also fully regulated by the CQC for your peace of mind. 

We are able to support your loved one who lives with: 

  • Individuals living with learning difficulties 
    • Dyslexia
    • ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Mental health issues
    • Depression
    • Anxiety 
    • Eating disorders
    • Addictive behaviours, substance abuse 
    • Bipolar
    • Autism 
    • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) 
  • Physical disabilities 
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Acquired brain injuries
    • Cerebral palsy 
    • Cystic fibrosis
    • Epilepsy 
    • Multiple sclerosis 
    • Tourette syndrome 

We offer home care visits through our branches in Bristol, Berkshire, Gloucester & Swindon and live-in or respite support across the South West. We’re on hand to listen to any of your support needs and to talk you through your options. Call us today on 0117 968 4809, request a callback or alternatively email us and we’ll  contact you.

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