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Night Sitters

sleepingNight Sitters Wherever possible, we believe that care is best provided in the home as this is where our clients feel most comfortable. If you or a member of your family uses other care services it is worth considering if they might benefit from a Night Sitting service for that extra peace of mind. Having a carer stay overnight can help to stabilise sleeping patterns and improve the quality of overall sleep.

  • Care throughout the night
  • Sleeping or waking
  • Medicine administration
  • Promoting regular sleep patterns

Waking Night Sitters

If the client is likely to wake often during the night, then we would generally advise a waking Night Sitter. The carer will remain on duty throughout the night to be on-hand should the client wake disorientated or in pain dues to a medical condition and need support or help in changing sleeping position. A waking Night Sitter can also help to administer medication at regular intervals.

Sleeping Night Sitters

If the client would get a good night’s sleep just knowing that there is a professional carer available to support them if needed, then a sleeping Night Sitter is the service to choose. If the client’s needs change (for example they are finding they are regularly waking more than twice a night), then we will discuss adjusting the service from a sleeping to a waking Night Sitter.

Please contact us to discuss your Night Sitting needs with one of our team.