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Specialist Care

Supporting your loved one to live independently at home.

At Care 1st we recognise many individuals have specialist healthcare needs and want to remain independent in the home that they know and love. In response to this need Care 1st offers a range of fully managed, person-centred,  live-in care options for people living with complex needs; such as Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, palliative or end of life care. 

By moving into your loved ones’ home to provide specialist live-in care, we enable your loved one to stay independent at home, whatever their care needs are. We work closely with the individuals within your loved ones care circle, such as GPs, specialist doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, social workers, solicitors and case managers – to provide a responsive, caring and most importantly a flexible service. A service that’s built entirely around your loved ones specialist needs. 

Our friendly, experienced and attentive care team are able to provide support even to those that are deemed to be too difficult to support at home and would traditionally be looked after in a nursing or residential environment. 

Here at Care 1st we provide specialist are across the South West, from Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire and the surrounding areas. We’re on hand to listen to any of your care needs and to talk you through your options. Call us today on 0117 968 4809 or request a callback and we’ll call you.

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What specialist conditions do we cover?

If your loved one has specialist medical needs such as Dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, or they’ve had a stroke or developed cancer, or maybe your loved one needs critical palliative care and a nursing or residential setting is not for you, we’re here to help. Our multidisciplinary team are experienced in a range of conditions and are on hand day and night to offer both practical and emotional support to you and your family. We are able to provide complex live-in care and visiting care to cover any rest or breaks that your carer or you may need, we cover: 

    Our talented team works together with you, your clinicians, Social Workers, GP’s and health workers to ensure that your care plan is tailored perfectly to your needs. Together as your care circle we provide the highest quality care, meaning that your loved one can remain safe, comfortable and supported whilst staying in the home that they know and love. 

    Our team are so passionate about the care that they provide, here’s what Kay our founder had to say: 

    “Enabling our customers to remain in the home they love and cherish, where they feel comfortable and safe, surrounded by their family, friends, neighbours, pets and their personal belongings – regardless of what conditions life has thrown their way is incredibly important. We work tirelessly every day to provide our special customers with the support that they need to live their life as they wish, on their terms – not dictated by anyone else’s rules and protocol.” 

    Kay Morley-Cooper – Founder & Director Care 1st 

    Why not call our experienced team today for more information on 0117 968 4809​

    How can we support your specialist needs?

    With nearly 20 years experience and a reputation for the highest standards in care, the team at Care 1st supports adults of all ages with complex needs to live independently at home. 

    Our expert care team works alongside you and your loved one to establish what’s important to them in their daily life and routine. Providing a personalised and tailored care plan ensures that we can make a real difference to how your loved one can manage their condition in their daily life, it provides them with the freedom and choice to live as independently as they can at home for as long as they wish. 

    With compassionate, experienced specialist live-in carers on hand, they can help your loved on to get up and about in the morning, take a bath or shower, get dressed and prepare any meals, take medication, assist with mobility issues, and even help out with daily errands and chores. Our live-in carers provide daily support and companionship so that your loved one can retain their independence.  

    Our specialist carers are all directly employed by us, we are not an introductory agency – so you can have the peace of mind that your loved one will be in safe hands supported by our fully managed service. All of our hand-picked carers are trained by us, above and beyond industry standards, they understand the specialist needs of our customers and come carefully matched to your loved ones personal needs. What’s more our specialist live-in carers have the benefit of the hands-on support of their live-in care manager and a team of individuals who’ve been looking after people with complex needs such as Dementia, Parkinson’s and Stroke care for nearly 20 years. 

    Email us or call today on 0117 968 4809 to find out how a live-in carer can support you and your loved one in their own home, or alternatively request a callback and we’ll call you.

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    How does specialist care differ from domiciliary care?

    Specialist complex care is for any individual who has an ongoing health condition that needs medical intervention or more complex ongoing assistance to support them with their day to day life. Our specialist live-in carers and team of care managers provide a support framework and complex care plan which allows the individual to remain as independent as possible in the home they know and love. 

    Specialist care differs from general domiciliary care because it usually requires more hands-on medical assistance from a specialist team who are experienced in particular conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimers, Stroke, Cancer, Parkinson’s, MS or frailty and mobility conditions. Our team works collaboratively with your GP’s, nurses, OT’s, physio’s and community team to provide a tailored and individual care plan which meets the needs of your loved ones condition, which is flexible and is regularly assessed to ensure it meets your ongoing and changing care needs. 

    What conditions do our carers support?

    At Care 1st our specialist live-in carers and care managers recognise that your loved one will want to retain as much independence as possible, therefore our packages of care are tailored individually and can flex and bend as you need them to, to meet your demands. 

    Whether you’re living with a complex condition, need a little respite support after a spell in hospital, or have a newly acquired condition that you need support with we’re on hand to offer support across a range of conditions including: 


    Respite care can provide you and your family with temporary cover enabling you to take a much-needed break from the demands of providing care for a loved one. This could be a family emergency, a short break so you can get some much needed rest, a business trip or a longer holiday, whatever your short term care needs we are here to help.

    Home from hospital

    Short term packages of care can be put together to assist your loved one with care after an illness, fall or hospital discharge to help them to regain their independence at home. Intermediate or reablement care can be as simple as supporting with personal care, meal preparation and medication, providing much needed companionship to ease loneliness and isolation, which are proven to be barriers to general wellbeing and recovery after a period of illness.


    As a leading dementia home care provider we understand how daunting, challenging and life changing it can be caring for a loved one with dementia. Our compassionate specialist carers are dementia trained and have the skills to provide the essential one-to-one support your loved one needs to live independently at home. Our live-in care managers recognise the strain the condition can put on families and will work closely with you to create a bespoke care plan tailored to their individual needs. If you aren’t quite ready for round-the-clock support, our visiting team can pop in daily to give you a break, alternatively if the condition has progressed and you need 24/7 support, our live-in carers are here and ready to step in.


    Here at Care 1st we appreciate that Alzheimers affects everyone differently. Our live-in carers are expertly trained to support you and your loved one to cope with the symptoms and changes in their behaviour, so that they can remain feeling comfortable, confident and cared for in the home that they know and love.

    Whether you need a little or a lot more support we can offer personal care, household duties, help with shopping, meal preparation, companionship or simply accompanying your loved one to a local support group or memory cafe. If you are the main carer and need a little support our visiting team can provide you with essential break cover – whether that’s an hour a week or daily. Alternatively if the condition has progressed and you need 24/7 support, our live-in carers can move in to your loved ones home to give them round the clock care. Whatever you need, we’re here to support you.


    There are many different life changing effects that a stroke can have on an individual. Your loved one may be struggling with their mobility, continence, vision, memory, swallowing, fatigue or having problems with their communication, which can make caring for the person you love tiring for both of you. If you need a little more support, whether that’s daily visits for personal care, a little housework, meal preparation or you just need a break, our carers are here to support you from 30 minutes a week to full time live-in care.


    Caring for a loved one who is living with or recovering from cancer can be both physically and emotionally challenging for the whole family. At Care 1st we are acutely aware that both you and your loved one may find things overwhelming, experience extreme sadness, grief and may have many difficult issues to overcome. That’s where we come in, with our help and support you can focus on spending quality time together as a family, without having to be the main carer!

    We strongly believe that your loved one should be able to stay at home if they wish. We’ll work alongside you, your GP, Macmillan nurses and community teams to prepare a care plan which meets the needs of their illness and allows them to remain fully in control of their care, so that they can feel independent for as long as possible. We’re on hand to support your loved one with basic day-to-day needs such as assisting with personal care, household tasks or shopping, as well as accompanying them to appointments, being there for emotional support and ensuring that they get home safely.


    As an individual’s Parkinson’s develops their care needs may change too. You may find that your loved one is having difficulty with everyday tasks such as washing, dressing, preparing meals, making a drink and some individuals also begin to see changes in their memory and how their mind works. Your loved one may experience side effects from the Parkinson’s drugs too; including hallucinations, confusion, depression and anxiety. Our carers are professionally trained to provide the emotional and physical support, whilst providing important companionship to enable your loved one to have the confidence to remain at home, rather than moving into a nursing or residential setting. Whatever your care needs, we are here to help.

    Multiple Sclerosis

    MS affects individuals in many different ways, it can cause symptoms such as extreme tiredness, a lack of coordination, loss of balance, weakness, tingling sensations, mood swings, changes in eyesight, bladder problems and cognitive impairment. Although being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be life altering it is still possible to remain at home and keep your independence, and this is where support from one of our visiting or live in carers can help.

    We recognise that your loved one will have their own unique and personal requirements, so we work closely with you and your loved one to develop a care plan that meets their needs and wants, whether this is simply popping in each day to wash up and have a cuppa, or providing round the clock live-in care.

    Palliative & end of life care

    Being diagnosed with a terminal illness is incredibly heartbreaking and life changing, here at Care 1st we recognise that it’s an extremely emotional and sad time for families and we are here to support you. Our compassionate live-in and visiting carers are expertly trained and will support you and your loved one with the domestic day-to-day tasks such as shopping, washing, cleaning and help with personal care – if you so wish, so that you don’t even need to think about them. It’s just taken care of, so you can spend your remaining time together just being a family.

    Our care team is also there to provide the emotional support and companionship, which is so incredibly important to families going through the painful end of life journey. Care 1st provides a palliative care service which can be tailored to your exact needs, either a 24-hour live-in care, a short term respite service or drop in visiting service – whatever is comfortable for you and your family.

    Frailty and mobility needs

    As you or your loved one get older we recognise that muscles start to weaken, there are potentially more problems with balance, and your loved one may experience issues with his or her blood pressure. Problems can occur when they’ve been sat for long periods of time – these issues can lead to trips or falls resulting in broken bones and concussion. Here at Care 1st we recognise that anyone can have a fall, but older people are more frail and vulnerable, especially when they have potential long-term health conditions too. Our carers can be on hand to assist your loved one to move around the house, ensuring that any trip hazards are safely removed and helping them to the toilet, to make a drink, to get washed and dressed or to do simple daily chores. Whatever your care needs, we are able to offer 30 minutes to full time, 24/7 support.

    How can I arrange specialist care?

    Here at Care 1st we recognise the strain caring for a loved one with complex needs can put on a family. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about arranging specialist live-in care for yourself or a loved one, call us today on 0117 968 4809 to speak to one of our care advisors. We’ll discuss your particular care needs and arrange a free of charge appointment at a place of your choosing with one of our live-in care managers, so that we are able to meet your loved one and find out a little more about them and their individual needs.

    We provide specialist care across the South West, from Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire and the surrounding areas. We’re on hand to listen to any of your care needs and to talk you through your options. Call us today on 0117 968 4809, request a callback or alternatively email us and we’ll  contact you.

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