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What Alternatives are there to Care Homes?


Alternatives to care homes is a topic at the top of many people’s minds. There are many reasons people are reluctant to move themselves to a care home and many reasons that loved ones don’t like the idea of putting their elderly relative into a home. The COVID-19 pandemic has also made care homes less appealing due to the high death rates and the restrictions on visiting that have kept loved ones apart.

There are, however, alternatives to care homes, and at Care 1st, we can provide many safe and tailored options to allow an individual to remain in their own home and be completely secure and cared for whilst doing so.


Live-in Care

Live-in Care offers long-term round-the-clock care by an expert professional who moves in with your loved one to ensure their needs are met 24/7. They will assist with meals, housework, personal hygiene, medication, and so much more, ensuring your loved one is cared for and happy.

Having a Live-in Carer stay with you or your loved one allows the individual to remain in their own home, an environment where they feel safe and comfortable—a home they love and are proud of.  Living at home means nothing changes; the pets can stay, friends and family can come to visit when they want, you can get up or go to bed when you want to. Remaining at home has been proven to have massive mental health benefits for older adults who can be stressed and confused by moving from their own home to a care home.

Another benefit of Live-in Care is that it provides companionship, reduces feelings of isolation, and improves mental health. Age UK reported that there are around 1.4 million chronically depressed older people in England, and a Live-in Carer can combat this.

At Care 1st, our Live-in Carers are hand-picked, fully vetted and trained to the highest of standards so they can provide the best possible level of care. We manage everything for you, so you don’t need to worry about live-in carer pay, holiday or sickness cover or any other day-to-day niggles. We take care of everything, provide you with complete peace of mind.


Community Care

Community Care provides the support that an individual needs to remain in their own home and comes in the form of home care visits. We offer a full range of visiting care services that start from 30 minutes a week and go right up to having someone stay in the home overnight to ensure if your loved one wakes up and needs help, there is someone there for them.

Homecare visits can be tailored entirely to an individual’s needs and arranged to fit around an existing routine. During their visits, carers can assist with personal care, washing, dressing, medication, meals, general household duties, laundry, shopping, running errands, changing bed linen, getting to and from appointments, visiting friends and family and much more. Whatever your loved one needs, our friendly and highly experienced carers will be able to provide it.

Care 1st is a family-owned and run company established for around 20 years. We employ all of our carers directly and ensure they are expertly trained by our care managers. They’re also all fully DBS checked to ensure you have peace of mind that you can trust your loved one is in great hands.

There are alternatives to care homes, and we would love to chat with you about what we have to offer.  Why not visit our website, have an online chat, send us an email or give us a ring!